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Camera Garage Sale


Cleaning out a bunch of older camera gear. None of it is very expensive or very collectible. Just a few Canon and Nikon items. The SLR gear is mostly Minolta, Pentax, or M42 mount. Almost all of it is 35mm and manual focus with just a couple auto focus lenses in the bunch. The textual descriptions of the items will be updated over time. I am located in University Place, Washington. Please contact me for more information.

Partial Listing

Rangefinders: (and some that just appear to be rangefinders)
Mamiya-Sekor 18A Tower 48mm 1:1.9
Yashica 35-ME 38mm 1:2.8
(2) Yashica 35MF 38mm 1:2.8
Optima 500 Sensor 42mm 1:2.8
Minolta-16 (spy camera)
Kodak Flash Bantam
Halina 35
Mamiya U
Nikon L35 AF
Petri 2.8 Color Corrected Super with Petri Orikkor 4.5cm 1:2.8 lens

Canon Brand:
(2) Speedlite 155A


Camera Gear Garage Sale Minolta SLR
Camera Gear Garage Sale Pentax and M42
Camera Gear Garage Sale Misc and Rangefinders
Camera Gear Garage Sale Flashes