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History of The "Captain Cook"

The ALSC has a history that includes the creation of our "Captain Cook" building. In early 2002 long time ALSC member Ken Wheeler wrote this history of the "Captain Cook" to help motivate the club for it's upcoming work party.

The "Captain Cook"

The only visible presence of the American Lake Sailing Club is our structure on a float known as the "Captain Cook". Its in need of some tender loving care. Built by the club members in March and April 1984, it's showing its age.

The Captain Cook in its original outboard propelled configuration

Conceived as a focal point from which to run races, provide a sailing instruction vantage point and a storage location for club equipment, it has served all these purposes.

The design was conceived to provide a warm, secure and comfortable floating barge from which a race committee or instructional group could function. The interior included an enclosed head with a chemical toilet, urinal, wash basin,and effluent storage. Two broad shelves could function as berths utilizing sleeping bags or for storage. A kerosene heater provided heat. An inside helm provided the ability to steer and control the two outboard motors which powered the barge at 2 to 3 knots around the lake.

A foot switch controlled the roof mounted horn for the audible race signals. Windows provided 180 degree visibility and ventilation.

The barge had four corner mounted mooring bollards with perimeter mooring capability provided by a deck mounted rail.

Two masts provided the ability to fly necessary flags. An anemometers and mast head fly provided wind information. Halyards enabled flying the U.S. Flag, race start flags as well as informational pennants. A means to hoist the race course information board was also provided.

Winter on American Lake

The color scheme was intended to simulate the color schemes utilized by various work boats to delineate their pilot house. We used white with a black perimeter base and green masts.

The original float on which the house was built deteriorated with time. The structure was then moved onto the larger club owned float. The assembly is moored at Silcox Island in front of Rob and Bennie Flinn's summer cabin. We remain there by virtue of their good graces and sympathetic recognition of the objectives of the sailing club.

We have an obligation to keep the "Captain Cook" and float in a condition which reflects pride of ownership and not become a blight on the island waterfront.