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Venture 25 Sailboat (aka "Venture Boat")

Our Venture 25 sailboat came to us, in part, because it lacked a keel and a trailer. The ocean's salt hadn't destroyed the hull, but the swing keel and trailer were corroded long before this boat became ours. With just two items to replace, what could go wrong with this sweet deal?

An eighteen foot travel trailer frame was heavily modified to accept a 25 foot swing keel sailboat. The trailer is 90% complete with just one more crossmember to be added. The location of this last crossmember is determined by the location of the keel in it's fully upright position. So... this crossmember, and the trailer's full writeup, wait on the keel to be finished.

The swing keel I designed and started fabricating is a ways from being completed. One phase, however, has reached completion. That project was the casting of a lead bulb that will be affixed to the bottom of said swing keel.

Our Venture 25 sailboat was sold in 2010.