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Volkscycle Mark V

Here is a perfect example of a typical bike boom 'Ten Speed'. It arrived in the race garage disassembled and stripped of its paint. Some leftover Rustoleum in silver was rolled on and the bike was reassembled. Major parts appear original except the wheels and derailleurs. The rear wheel is an interesting collection of euro parts: Belgium Weinmann rim, French Atom freewheel hub, and ferrous steel butted spokes. The front is comprised of generic Japanese parts. Shimano derailleurs re-used from a mountain bike are substantially better than the all steel originals they replaced. The original cottered all steel crankset was retained despite the loss of some of the chrome from the large chainring.

Volkscycle Mark V bicycle

The bike rides like the 'Ten Speeds' I rode in my youth. And is about the same weight. Shifting is friction style without the benefit of shaped cogs. The combination of the 48/36 chainrings and the giant 14-34 freewheel provides gearing that is plenty low. Geometry is quite conservative.

Here are some details:
Volkcycle Mark V frame weight: 6.75 lbs
Fork weight: 898 grams
Brakes: Shimano Tourney
Brake levers: Shimano with integrated safety (turkey) levers
Shifters: Shimano 333
Freewheel: Shimano 14-18-23-28-34

Volkscycle Mark V bicycle and dog

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